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Diamond Plug - 3-in-1 Diamond Switch & Diamond Cover

Indy One Inc. has invented and engineered a new power outlet and a 3-IN-1 switch that will successfully and substantially increase productivity and safety that traditional ones can never offer. The Indy Diamond Plug, Switch and Cover Plates have many advantages against the traditional outlet and switchers that has been on the market for decades. First and foremost these products are engineered for their safety, productivity, durability, and professional grade.


Push & Release Connection

Push & Release connecting pins eliminate the use of expose
terminal screws and loose connections.
Fast and easy connections can accommodate #14, #12 size wires solid or
Color coded for proper identification and safety.


Multiple Use

The 3 IN 1 Switch can be use as a Single Way, Three Way and Four Way switching connections because of its engineering design and functions.


No Need of Electrical Tape

Eliminate the use of electrical tape for proper insulation to prevent electri-
cal arc and fire hazards. Do it yourself (DIY) for the average home owner and handyman.

Right & Left Plug Holes

Indy’s Safety Plug makes it easier to use more than one one grounded
plugs because of the Left and Right horizontal plug holes.

Why You Need

Indy Diamond Plug, Switch and Diamond Cover Plates

There are numerous hazardous problems and disabilities in contemporary
plugs and switches. We are making your life better, safer and easier with
our new innovative products. No more expose terminal screws, chances of

short circuiting, sloppy electrical installation work etc are serious prob-
lems that can put your property at risk. Take the safest route and protect

your investment and property by installing our new innovative products.

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